We would like to thank Mahoney Farms, Brown Star Farm, Wagner Farms, and Finger Family Farm for helping to pioneer this network and for their continued dedication to land stewardship!

Brown Star Farm

Brown Star Farm, operated by Matt Bjelland and the Bjelland Family, is a mid-sized dairy located in Gillett, Wisconsin. 

For a number of years, the farm has worked to develop ways to incorporate liquid dairy manure into a soil health system. Their current rotation involves applying manure with a low disturbance tool bar and strip tilling into a growing, green cover crop. 

Wagner Farms

Wagner Farms is a family dairy farm that was established in 1896. Hank and Pam purchased the farm from Hank’s parents Tony and Judy, in 1987. Hank and Pam’s two children are becoming owners and are actively involved in managing the business along with Laura’s husband Tyler. The farm has grown from 65 cows in 1987 to 700 cows today. They have followed a strategic growth plan that has allowed them to stick to their priorities and achieve the goals they have set for their family and business.

Including their family, they have a total of thirteen wonderful employees. They are thankful for all the hard work and dedication that the previous generations have invested in the family business.

They do everything possible to be good neighbors and good stewards of the people, animals, and environment. They are proud to be a part of helping to feed the world. They believe there are many ways to be successful in the dairy industry today and will not tolerate anything less than success in their business as well.

Finger Family Farm

Finger Family Farm, operated by Jack, Nancy, Phil, Laura, and the rest of the Finger Family, is a dairy located in Oconto, Wisconsin. From the dairy herd to the cropping operation, the farm strives to utilize cutting edge technology to not only improve their efficiency but the land they farm as well. 

In recent years, the farm has experimented with interseeding and increased their cover crop and no till acres. Looking towards the future, the family plans to expand the use of their new low disturbance manure tool bar. 

Mahoney Farms

Mahoney Farms is operated by Jim Mahoney in Suring, Wisconsin. Jim was an early adopter of cover crops and continues to expand his use of the practice across his cash grain option. 

The farm has experimented with wide row corn for 3 years now, utilizing 30″ twin rows next to a 60″ gap, with a cover crop planted in between. Jim hopes to “grow” nitrogen and increase his corn yield.